Exam Results

Key Stage 4

GCSE results were as follows:

New Government Measures 2017

  • 4+ Basics (students achieving 9-4 in English and Maths):  33%
  • 5+ Basics (students achieving 9-5 in English and Maths): 18%
  • Attainment 8 Average Score:  35.2
  • % A*-A:  8.2%
  • % A*-C:  39.4%

Some of our top performers in Year 11 include:

  • R. Gurung – English Literature 9, Maths 8, English Language 6, 2 x A, 3 x B, 1 x Dis*
  • E. Dervishi – Maths 8,  English Language 6, English Literature 6, 2 x A, 2 x B, 1 x Dis*
  • D. Obediah – English Literature 7, English Language 7, Maths 7, 1 x A*, 2 x A, 3 x B
  • K. Blundy – Maths 7, English Literature 6, English Language 6, 3 x A, 4 x B
  • E. Paice – English Literature 7, English Language 6, Maths 6, 3 x A, 2 x B

Additional Information

2017 % of students making expected progress

  • 23.5% in English
  • 28% in Maths

16 to 19 (Key Stage 5) Results

The 2017 A-level results are:


  • % of entries A*-E (pass rate):  96.7%
  • % of entries A*-C:  58.8%
  • % of entries A*-B:  25.9%
  • % of BTEC entries at Dis-Dis*:  67%

Some top performers at A-level and BTEC include:

  • M. Garcia D* D* D* C
  • A. Roberts D* D* D* C
  • R. Goosey A A B C
  • J. Baker D* D* D*
  • J. May D* Dist M C

16-19 (Key Stage 5) Results 2017

English and Maths

  • English progress (national = -0.10): +0.82
  • Maths progress (national = -0.13): -0.30

Vocational Pathway

  • % of BTEC entries at Dis-Dis*: 67%
  • Applied general value added score: +0.35
  • Average point score per applied general entry expressed as a vocational grade: 35
  • Retention:  90%

A-level Pathway

  • % of entries A*-E:  92%
  • % of entries A*-C:  52%
  • A level value added score:  -0.24
  • Grade and points for a student’s best 3 A-levels:  C-
  • Retention:  92.3%


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JULIET! Sunday rehearsals- 3 days to go! Performance 24th January 7pm JMA/
@jmacademy1 Retweeted Laura Ellener @EllenerLaura, Jan 20
This amazing man has run 4 marathons over 4 weekends as well as teaching 100s of pupils music in between - inspirational staff
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Saturday, Saturday, Saturday is build set day. Saturday SATURDAY. Saturday is build set always the day to build set...Saturday is build set day!!! Performance 24th January 7pm JMA
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Amazing drumming work from Year 8 today. Great teamwork from each and every one of them
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Yr9 rugby team showing determination, team work and great progress from the first minute of today's games to the last. With plenty of try's scored
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How incredible is this photo of today’s Run For Charley taken by a Year 9 student! Really captures the fantastic spirit demonstrated by the students taking part. Well done Yousef for taking such a brilliant photo!
@jmacademy1 Retweeted Laura Ellener @EllenerLaura, Jan 19
What a brilliant day today. Fantastic engagement from pupils, staff and our brilliant parents
@jmacademy1 Retweeted Steve Duffy @mrduffymusic, Jan 19
Brilliant day helping Year 9 choose their GCSE options. Wonderful to see how much thought they had all put in to their decisions. Well done Year 9!
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Fantastic meeting the talented students at today in the interview workshops, with . Very impressed! They'll go far. Thank you for having us Reading#JMA
@jmacademy1 Retweeted Alison Hall @AlisonH622, Jan 19
We have a alumni Savannah Ashby supporting our mock interviews. Now working with she's back to support the school. Thank you Savannah.
@jmacademy1 Retweeted Tommy Robinson @JMARobinson1, Jan 19
These came today :) the students literally couldn't be prouder to be part of this. And I do mean literally. JMA Performing Arts!
@jmacademy1 Retweeted Alison Hall @AlisonH622, Jan 19
Some amazing conversations are happening during mock interviews for Great practice for the world of work. Thank you and for giving up your morning to support.
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Second part of the Study/Work Skills day for 6th form. Mock interviews with volunteers from and
@jmacademy1 Retweeted MADE @MADETraining, Jan 19
Our pleasure! Delighted to have supported such attentive students! We look forward to supporting you again very soon!